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Spirit Soul Radio Interview 10/31/14

SPSN Listen LIVE Spotlights Keith Rovere

Worldwide Gospel Review

“Musical Genius, I am completely blessed.
This is and example of true artistry, combination of live instruments and masterful vocals.
Mr. Gospel, says this is holy and refreshing!”


Matt Lloyd from interview

“Keith Rovere is an independent musician based out of New Jersey. He shares his thoughts on the local music scene and releasing singles as an Independent artist. We would like to thank Keith for taking the time to speak with us. ”


Reverbnation Comments

Nice guitar chops mate! Blessings on your Ministry ~ Jaco

Excellent powerful inspirational music!!! ~ dED and BURYd

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Susan Johnston Owen

Hey, absolutely loving ‘I Am’ totally groovin haha with a very Aries title ; ) Great to connect with you : ) ~ Deb x
PANGAEA’S PEOPLE (Global Arts Network)

Hey Keith ……Thanks for the add but Loving your music especially I AM…….. Lets make sure we stay in touch. MAN those horns and drums tight…. ~ Jimmy Russell & BOC (Because of Christ)

Yessir! Now that’s how it’s done. Lovin’ the praise, and diggin’ the “TOO KOOL” vibe you got goin’ on.
Thanks for sharing with us. God bless U & yours.
~ Brother Charles

“I Am” smooth sax and incredible vocal Keith. Love the jazz oriented rap R&B. LA best wishes. ~ Chuck Brunicardi

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